September 11, 2011

Green Onion Pancake. 教做蔥油餅

Green Onion Pancakes originate in the chinese culture and are actually flatbreads. You can find them anywhere with chinese population and they are also avaiable frozen in supermarkets... but honestly nothing beats the fresh homemade ones. That's why I made a vidoe teaching how to make these. I hope it helps you cook it at home.

Please click here for more information on Freen Onion Pancakes.

11 pancakes
1. 225 gram = 8 oz sieved flour
2. 150 ml = 5 fl oz warm water

put flour into bowl add 100 ml warm water, stir it and add the rest of warm water, if it is still dry add some more water. cover up with plate and let it rest for 10 minutes

1. 2 spring onions, cut in slices
2. some oil
3. some salt

皮材料: 11 個
1. 225 克= 8 oz 先濾麵粉
2. 150 ml = 5 fl oz 暖水
大盆放225 克麵粉, 先倒大半杯水拌勻, 隨少再加入餘下暖水拌勻, 如還乾再加多些水,用手楺 麵糰不黏手, 槎成麵糰, 用碟蓋面, 休息10 分

1: 2 條青蔥切簿粒
2. 一些菜油
3. 一些鹽

1. 桌上放些麵粉, 把麵糰榐成簿大塊, 放些油在麵塊上, 攃勻油全面後, 洒些鹽又擦勻和放入蔥簿片, 卷起成長條形.
2. 長條麵皮上和下捏緊, 扭下分成小份, 直立上下壓扁, 用木棍榐簿.
3. 另一做法差不多, 祇是皮小圓形, 打圓蛇形.
以上兩鍾法, 容易拿箸食.

pan 細火, 放2 tbsp 油, 放入蔥餅煎到兩邊金黃脆, 間中把蔥餅反身和壓扁.

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